Les' Menehune Kitchen
Gourmet Jams, Butters & Cookies

Les' Menehune Kitchen<br> Gourmet Jams, Butters & Cookies

Product Description

Les' Menehune Kitchen<br> Gourmet Jams, Butters & Cookies
Gourmet Jams, Butters and Cookies, Made in Hilo Hawai`i


Our journey in the jam, butters and cookie business began several years ago with the encouragement of family and friends. What started from baking different cookies and tropical fruit jams for family get togethers and gifts for Christmas, has blossomed into a full fledged business in "Les' Menehune Kitchen.

Like the legendary Hawaiian Leprechaun, the "Menehune", which did most of their magical handy-work under the beautiful Hawaiian moon-lit nights, we too produce our delicious "hand-made" jams, butters and cookies under the moon and stars of the Hawaiian night skies, hence the name, "Menehune Kitchen".

Les’ Menehune Kitchen home made cookies

We feel that is is imperative that we do not cut-corners on cost at the expense of taste and quality in our products. For that we only use the freshest, wholesome ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial flavors.

And now we offer you those same delicious hand-made treats that our family and friends have enjoyed for years and we are sure you will too... still made with the love and aloha that can only be found in the magical land we call... Hawai`i.

Customer Testimonials

"Excellent jams and great people! Best buy at the Hilo Farmers Market. Try the apple/banana butter!

Daniel - Nashville Tennessee
What a great way to bring home the taste of the islands! Mahalo!

Lindsay - Virginia (but Hawaii soon)
The best jams I've had, you should be on T.V..

Willie Chang - New York
Best Jam in the world!

Rabea - Germany
Oh, my God.

Todd S. - Fresno, California
Today I tried the delicious spreads and the cookies are amazing. I am a baker and they are a cut above most.

Keely of Lava Girl Sweets - Hilo, Hawai'i
Everytime I taste the Apple/Banana butter I get goosebumps!

George - Hawaii Paradise Park, Hawai'i
This poha berry jam is the best poha berry jam I've ever tried... it is completely undiluted deliciousness.

Ingrid - Hilo, Hawai'i
Jamin Hawaiian style butter. So "Ono"!

Sharon D. - Sonoma, California
"So far that's the best lilikoi jam I've tasted."

Emily - Oahu, Hawai'i
We found you! We couldn't remember the name, but we remembered the quality!

Evelyn Hayes - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
We can't pick just one! They are all AMAZING!!! We want more!

Vada Cambio - California Alexis Sackett - Texas