Divine Hawaiian Coffee & Gifts Inc.

Divine Hawaiian Coffee & Gifts Inc.
Divine Hawaiian Coffee & Gifts Inc.
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Divine Hawaiian Coffee & Gifts Inc.

Welcome to Divine Hawaiian Coffee & Gifts Inc., a select choice for premium coffee. We pride ourselves in offering customers the best tasting coffees from around the Hawaiian Islands and parts of the world.

With our Hawaiian coffee’s selection, it’s truly “A SIP OF PARADISE” we only buy the best tasting coffee from farmers who love to grow coffee, nurturing their trees with the Aloha Spirit of the Hawaiian Islands.

Divine Hawaiian Coffee was established in 1997 with our coffee bags and many of our gift items showcasing the paintings and poetry of world class artist and poet, Rufus Daigle, the company’s founder and inspirer. In 2003, the business was passed down the family line to Khalil, who continues to run the farm and business today.

Our Laule’a Roast is our Estate coffee organically grown in the district of Puna. It is nourished in deep rich soil on the windward side of the island. Our hand-picked coffee goes through a special dried cherry process which is seldom done by other coffee farmers. Once our coffee cherry is selected, it is soaked and fermented, then sundried to perfection. This process captures the robust flavor and aroma of the cherry skin. The result is a unique berry/floral taste, with very low acidity, refined with a natural sweetness. It truly is a cup of Divinity in every sip….

Visit us at the Hilo Farmers Market every Wednesday and Saturday for our selection of Hawaiian Products, make purchases through the Farmers Market Website, or go to our website www.divinehawaiiancoffee.com for other coffee varieties and products.

Divine Hawaiian Coffee & Gifts Inc.
P.O. Box 416
Kurtistown, HI 96760