New Vendor Info

Interested in a stall at the Hilo Farmers Market? Here is all the information you need:
Discounts Are Given For Monthly Rates and a Free Web Page. Inquire with the Market Manager.
Free Web Page Form
A Free web page is for vendor's who have a monthly license.

Produce/Food/Flower/Retail Stalls
$21 - $24 Wednesdays
$27 - $35 Saturdays

Stall Sizes:approx. 5' x 5' and 5' x 10'
Bring your own tables, 4.5' long or less.

Click the link above or call the Hawai'i Tax Office 974-6321 for information on obtaining one.

I have been working in good faith to resolve notices of violations received from the County since June 2017. It has been a long and complex process. The County has since issued an Order to remove all existing tarps immediately.

To comply, we removed the tarps on the arts and craft side on Saturday 3/24/18. We removed the tarps on the produce side on Sunday, 3/25/18. Vendors were asked to remove all produce boxes and personal items such as poles, hangers or tarps by the end of Saturday, 3/24/18.

Vendors will need to purchase their own pop up tents; 10' x 10', straight legged, white color tarp recommended. You will need to take down the pop up tents at the end of each market day.

We will continue the Hilo Farmers Market using 10' x 10' pop up tents, until we can get our permits approved for our new tents.

Keith De La Cruz, Market Manager

Vendors wanting a Produce/Food/Flower stall on Wednesday or Saturday need to call the day before; Tuesday or Friday between 12pm to 5 pm to confirm stall reservations. Call 808-933-1000

Whenever there are cooked or processed foods/drinks that are to be sold at the market, a license from the Dept. of Health is required. Call 808-933-0917, Curtis Takai, Health Inspector.

Did you know you may be subject to licensing as a DEALER IN FARM PRODUCTS if you are selling, processing or handling Agricultural Farm Product(s), produced or grown in Hawaii? AND the product was purchased or obtained directly from a Hawaii Producer, Farmer, Nurseryman or Grower? The license is issued by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. To find if you are subject to this license, click on the following link for more information and to download a PDF of the Dealer In Farm Produce License.

We accept Food Stamps and all Produce Vendors are required to participate. Rules to be provided upon entry to market.

Arts/Crafts/Retail & Outdoor Food Carts
$21 - $35 on Wednesdays
$30 to $50 on Saturdays

Stall Sizes: approx. 8' x 8' and 10' x 10' Bring your own tables.
Limited availability of stalls with electricity at $6 per day.
Current Hawai'i General Excise Tax License Required.
Arts/Crafts/Retail & Outdoor Food Cart vendors wanting a stall for Wednesday and/or Saturday, need to sign-in at the Manager's Office located at the Hilo Farmers Market Annex between 6:45AM and 7:00AM.(see map above) No phone-in stall reservations required and/or taken.

Second Hand Sunday
$10-$15 on Sundays
Second Hand Sunday vendors wanting a stall need to check in between 9:00AM to 9:30AM with Feliza, Asst.Mrkt.Mgr., who is located in the middle of the Produce/Flower/Food Stall area.

Manager's Office at the Hilo Farmers Market Annex
The Hilo Farmers Market is rated as being one of the top “must see” attractions to experience while visiting Hilo, by publications such as Sunset Magazine, Hawaii Magazine, The Huffington Post and more! Call (808)933-1000 for more information.