Huli Huli Wood

Huli Huli Wood
Huli Huli Wood
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Huli Huli Wood

I'm Rick Frazier, a Wood Artist working and living in Volcano Hawaii.

Huli Huli Wood is the name I use to sell my art. I feature wooden items made with Aloha from local Hawaiian woods. Everything I sell is handmade locally, most in my workshop in Volcano. I make nearly everything I sell, and may occasionally offer items from other wood turners, artists or students. Most items I sell are artist signed and contain a serial number or unique identifier.
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At Wednesday and Saturday markets, I usually have a variety of bowls, urns, enclosed vessels, pens and bottle stoppers available for sale. I also sell a number of other craft items made from local woods, such as toy cars, cutting boards, rolling pins, wine jacks, door stops and other small household items.

Objects are made from local woods typically available including Koa, Milo, Mango, Sugi, Norfolk Pine, and Longon, occasionally with other local woods such as Pheasant Wood, Mamani, Avocado, and Kou.

I work in many media, and may include metal, glass or other materials in some of my objects.

The name "Huli Huli Wood" comes from the Hawaiian word Huli, meaning "round" or "turn". Either definition fits the majority of items I produce.

Stop by when you are at the Hilo Farmers Market. Mention this page, and I'll give you $5 off of any purchase over $50 if you ask.

I accept all major credit cards.

Rick Frazier, Artist
HuliHuli Wood
Po Box 838
Volcano, HI 96785
Phone: 808-640-3549

Dates at Market - Wednesdays and Saturdays - 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM