I Know You The Show Is Over by
Jicky Mebane

I Know You The Show Is Over
I Know You The Show Is Over
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"I Know You The Show is Over", tells you what you truly believe in your heart, who you are in the world. In this book, every day begins with YOU the person, telling everyone who YOU are. In the second part of each day's story, the author, Jicky, has more to say about you. It's not astrology; it's a new concept I call the Theory of Relative Humanity. It's about us all and how as a people, we're the same as we've always been, according to the days of the year. The people who are born to live and die each day are all here to speak about our lives. No one has been left out. This book is about you.


In passing at the Hilo swap sell I bought a book because you stopped me. I didn't have a lot of money on that trip but I was touched after I read about my bday!

Longer story short, I travel across Indian country and work with natives who seek meaning or a smile when someone "knows them". They often attach their birthday as power to Creator's way of acknowledgement. 

I wanted to reach out to you to say thank you. So many people adore this book as I pass it around before classes I teach or women's empowerment conferences I am asked to share at. 

I found someone who has three of your books on Amazon so I found myself buying them so I can gift them to women who are inspired or work a lot with natives who need some extra TLC. 

My journeys have been amazing and I just wanted to reach out to share my aloha and gratitude.

All things happen for a reason…

Take care, looking forward to hearing back from you. - Celina

Author Auto Biography

In writing this book I learned a lot about people, more than I ever expected. I wrote when I heard all of you speaking to me in my mind.  I would never know what to write but you told me what to put into words.  Jicky Mebane can feel the text to be written through his mental senses.  This way of sensing the words to write comes easily if one’s mind is empty of thought.  Not having a cluttered mind, so thoughts about you can be understood by me helped in creating this book. 

I wasn’t very good in school mostly because I didn’t pay attention.  In those early days my mind was full of thoughts and I had no direction.

I was living in Southern California and my parents found a way for me to go to Australia to work after I dropped out of college.  Once I got “down under” I couldn’t stop writing.  I was doing articles in Newsletters and magazines and poetry was my mainstay.  Then once I returned to the United States I was writing and broadcasting the Surf Report on the radio three times a day or more when the weather changed suddenly.  But I never thought about doing a book.

The book became a necessity because I couldn’t sleep well anymore.  All I could hear in my mind was people telling me who they are all night long and it was not in chronological order either.  I had to write it to quiet my mind.  A mind full of people.  Everywhere I went I took my pen and paper and I wrote whenever the thoughts came to me, no matter what I was doing or where I was.  I am very grateful to all of you for helping me to clear my mind by writing about you. - Jicky Mebane

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