Ka `aila niu Hand Crafted Soaps

Ka `aila niu Hand Crafted Soaps
Ka `Aila Niu produces handcrafted soaps and Virgin Coconut Oil. Handcrafted soaps are considered to be true soaps as they are made using oils, fats, and natural ingredients while commercial soaps are often petroleum based using distillates instead of natural oils which may cause aggrivation and chronic skin ailments.

We enhance the natural beauty and overall health of our customers' skin and body by providing premium coconut oil and premium coconut-based products at an affordable price.

While we began making 100% Virgin Coconut Oil we felt our next focus should be soap. As so many of us suffer from dry and sensitive skin, it was imperative that we create a high quality product made with coconut oil and other natural ingredients.

Ka `aila niu
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