Aromas of Aloha
Moisturizing Body Spray - 2 oz spray bottle

Aromas of Aloha<br>Moisturizing Body Spray - 2 oz spray bottle
Aromas of Aloha
Moisturizing Body Spray - 2 oz spray bottle
Item# Moisturizing_Body_Spray
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Product Description

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Plumeria: Another favorite of mine and popular in Hawaii is the very fragrant and beautiful smell of Plumeria. Often worn in the hair and leis. This fragrance will lift up your brain and take it straight to the islands! If you are at work, please do not Hula on your desk.

Pikake: This fragrance oil and essential oil blend bring to you the smell of the Pakaki. Also known as Jasmine and used in Hawaiian leis.

Lilikoi & Jasmine: A blend of my two favorites! Lilikoi, also known as Passion fruit and Jasmine also know on the island as Pikake. You will surely enjoy this exotic, fruity and floral scent.

Lilikoi: Lilikoi or Passion fruit is an exotic, sweet and sour fruit grown on the Island of Hawaii.. In my back yard in fact!

Puakenikeni: This oil infused moisturizing body spray is a sweet floral scent. The Pukenikeni flowers are used to make delightfully beautiful and fragrant Hawaiian leis.

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