Dr. Holland Chiropractor / Massage Therapist.

Dr. Holland Chiropractor / massage Therapist.
Dr. Holland Chiropractor / massage Therapist.
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Product Description

Specializing in Medical Massage and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation for Whiplash Injury, Neck Pain and Back Pain.
Call (808) 223-8243

• Neck & Back Pain
• Headaches
• Shoulder Pain
• Leg & Arm Pain
• Carpal Tunnel
• Muscle Spasm
(Insurance May Cover 100%)

Robert R. Holland DC, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapy

Dual license 20 years experience. We will fine tune slowly but surely.
• Injured in an Accident
• Auto Accidents/No Fault Insurance Accepted
• Injury Prevention & Back Exercises

Mamo Street
Hilo, Hawaii 96720
Phone: (808) 223-8243

Days of Operation:
Saturday - Hilo Farmers Market
7AM - 3PM

Website Visit Dr. Holland's Website - Specializing in Medical Massage and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation for Whiplash Injury, Neck Pain and Back Pain

Makuu market
8am-2pm Outcalls - Monday thru Friday

Customer Testimonials

Last year my fiancé and I were rear ended twice while waiting at a red light. As a result of the accident, I suffered from head and neck pain. One morning I woke up and I couldn’t move my neck. Dr. Holland took me in right away and after the first session, I immediately felt relief. After three sessions I was back in the gym and by the fourth session, I was back to full mobility. He always made me feel comfortable and stressed the importance of diet and exercise. He uses very specific message techniques to prepare your body for various adjustments and educates you along the way. I would’t trust anyone else with my spine.

Executive Editor
Publishing Company - Oahu
Dr. Holland's physical therapy and chiropractic services have changed the quality of my life in a very positive way. I remember when I hurt my back and thought of all the activities I would have to sacrifice to prevent future occurrences. Dr. Holland is a physical therapist and chiropractor like no other. He suggests stretching and strengthening exercises, made me work at it and follows up. In addition, I keep my twice monthly regiment of office visits to ensure that I am able to enjoy this gift of improved quality of life. It is a special opportunity to discover people who do what they do so well, love what they do and is a pleasure to work with.

Fred - Haleiwa
At nineteen years old, I would like to think that my body is indestructible. Sadly it is not and we must constantly be making the effort to care for ourselves. My pain was found in my lower back and neck. I assumed that the pain I felt were feelings I would live with forever. I forced myself to accept this pain and allowed it to control my life. It wasn't until my mother suggested I visit her chiropractor Dr. Holland, that I found hope for a pain free life. Skeptical at first of the effectiveness of simple exercises provided, I followed Dr. Holland's guidelines with exactness. I slowly began to realize that everyday movements which once had caused me pain, no longer did. Combined with chiropractic technique, message therapy and great conversation, Dr. Holland's office is a comfortable haven. Visits to Dr. Holland become the highlight, more visits meant more exercises and the closer I would be to a pain free life. I am confident in Dr. Holland's ability to help you if you will trust his expertise. He can change the way you live your life.

Taylor - Student
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