Silver Cloud Coffee Farm

Silver Cloud Coffee Farm
Silver Cloud Coffee Farm
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Silver Cloud Coffee Farm

Silvercloud coffee from Ka'u, Hawai`i, is meticulously crafted in every step of the process so that the finest quality beans are selected, roasted, and packaged to provide the highest quality cup of coffee.

Since I have had years to think about kind of coffee I want to produce, I am very selective about what beans make it into your grind. A single origin brew, my beans come only come from one place - my sustainable, environmentally friendly farm. From the moment a sapling is planted to the moment water drips through the grounds, blends from Silver Cloud Coffee Farm are about the relationship with coffee I guarantee that only the highest quality beans make it into my product. Because I am so discerning about my product, the limited quantities of beans I produce are even more special - I can ensure your cup of coffee reflects those perfect morning moments and becomes the host of warm memories.

Award Winning Coffee
Silver Cloud Coffee won #1 Ka'u Coffee at the Hawaii State Cupping Competition, in 2018.

Silver Cloud Coffee Farm Inc.
P.O. Box 882
96-1029 Center Road, Wood Valley
Pahala, HI 96777, U.S.A


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