Trad Wong Photographs

Trad Wong Photographs
Trad Wong Photographs
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I was born in Hilo, on the Big Island, in October of 1978. I enjoy nature and all the beauty it holds and love the idea of capturing it in my own vision for everyone to see with a picture.

I played with cameras my whole life, but received my first SLR camera in 2008. Unable to take classes, I taught myself by doing to my favorite spots and played with my camera until I found the right settings and got tips from other photographers.

I have only taken pictures on the Big Island and plan to go to more locations in the future. I do not categorize myself as a specific type of photographer. I enjoy taking photos of nature and do photo-shoots as well. I am still learning and hope to keep growing as a photographer.

Trad Wong Photographs
Days of operation: Wednesday & Saturday
To schedule a photo-shoot, email me or call (808) 345-8503.
Personal phone: (808) 217-2689