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Wild Things Hawaii
Wild Things Hawaii
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Wild Things Hawaii

Julia McCormick - Cacao Farmer / Medicinal Chocolate / Tour Guide

Wild Things Hawaii

Home to award winning "Hawaiian Chocolate Maca Dragon Dust" Healthy Spices & Teas.

More a mad scientist; farm to table gal, than a chef.

I like to play with my food, and enjoy real Hawaiian chocolate, mixed with the flavored of the islands. That's my passion!

Somehow, in a little over a year I've won 4 awards for it to my surprise, and elation! I just do what I do at for my own meals; use locally farmed products, combined with Hawaiian chocolate, and shared that for the good health of all.

While graduating from a few Hawaii Permaculture courses, and Korean Farming, I discovered my love of nature, and farming, could be more productive with cacao, coconut, and Mamaki mixtures.

I even use them in my skin salves, tooth powders, pastes, and I have some recurrent followers from other markets. Sometimes people come to me saying "it's the only thing that helped my friend!" Or " I have to have more !" Those words , those moments make my life have a special joy, and meaning. We should all be so blessed that we can share, and create something that helps others feel better, heal better. We are a team after all!

I'm on the East Hawaii Cacao Association board as marketing director , assistant VP, and in a few other farm groups in town. I've worked on organic farms here , and taken chocolate from bean to bar, and more , since moving from Oahu to the Big Island 4 1/2 years ago.

I'm continually looking to teach our next generation of young farmers, hand out seeds, so that we may all flourish here in the islands with the food , the gifts we're able to produce all year around. I feel sure that cacao is the answer to our islands sustainability for farmers.

Currently I am looking to share the wealth, of the heart healthy benefits of our Big Island Hawaiian chocolate with those who need it. I like to show people that chocolate makes all things better, that it is a must in everything!

The "Spicy / Sweet Hawaiian Chocolate Maca Dragon Dust" is the main product in my line. Please stop by anytime and ask for more ! ;) I am always open to share and trade with cacao, coffee, and tea farmers on our bountiful island. Nothing should have to go to waste!

Thank you for an opportunity to share good health with all of you!


Days at the Hilo Farmers Market
Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday

Wild Things Hawaii
email: wildthingshawaiitours@gmail.com